How To Survive A Nigerian Airport

February 5, 2019
It’s a jungle out there. Most especially in Nigerian airports.  If they don’t delay your flight it, an airport official will take it upon themselves to provoke you. There are very few things you can do to survive a Nigerian airport. It’ll always get the best of you, but here are a few things you can do.

Just prepare yourself for the delays because they’ll happen.

If you know what’s good for you don’t book any life-changing meetings that day.

Never ever book the last flight of the day.

It’s an unwritten rule that they must cancel at least half of the last flights that go out in every Nigerian airport.

Hide snacks were airport officials won’t find them so that you won’t get scammed into buying airport food.

The five galas you tuck in your bra will come in handy when they delay your flight for 5 hours.

If it’s possible don’t check in any bags, travel with just a carry-on.

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Because you’ll fly from Lagos to Abuja, get to Abuja and they’ll tell you that your luggage is in Enugu.

Have breakfast so you can have energy to fight with any airport official that wants to stress your life.

If you are not careful that’s how you’ll pay ten thousand naira because your luggage is 0.1kg over the weight limit.

Don’t forget to carry your tissues and practice crying on demand.

So that if they close gate 2 minutes before you get there you’ll cry and beg your way unto your flight.

Try your best to book the first flight out.

It’s not as if they still won’t delay the flight o, but the odds are sha slimmer with the first flight.

If you have an appointment or job interview better book your flight 2 to 3 working days before your appointment.

If you travel the morning of your interview your case will be one of had I known.

If you depend on the airport announcer to know when your flight is boarding then you must be a JJC.

Better sit close to where your gate and watch out for when they start boarding. Sometimes when the flight is overbooked they won’t even announce it at all.

If they cancel your flight better don’t book another one on the same day.

They will still cancel that one so just go home.

If it’s not an international flight don’t waste your time getting there an hour or two early.

You already know how it goes down, they’ll delay the flight.

Goodluck on your next flight!

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