We once had a guy Ade in our group chat. Ade was everyone’s guy. Not because he organised the best parties – on the contrary, we didn’t see much of him. Ade was, however, very active online.

What endeared everyone to Ade was that he seemed to have a guy for every single thing. All you had to do was ask. For example, if you needed a guy to fix your TV, Ade would know someone. If you need a plumber to come at short notice, call Ade, and the next day by 10 am, you have a man dressed in overalls knocking at your door.

The best thing about Ade’s referrals? They were usually cheaper than the regulars. As long as they were Ade’s guys, you could get a discount. Indeed, Ade was an invaluable member of the community. We all called him Ade the Plug, and he indeed lived up to the name. Ade was your plug for virtually anything.

We enjoyed Ade the most during Black Friday weekends. Trust Ade to know the shops to get the best discounts and largest sales. We all waited for his message on the group with a link to a shop offering mouth-watering discounts. We could equally count on him for mega deals on Cyber Mondays. He was the true plug!

One day, Ade informed us he was leaving the country for his studies. We were all sad. Many of us did not know him personally, but we knew that with him far away, we might not have access to his resourcefulness. Worse still, we were just days away from Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

But Ade, being the ever-resourceful guy as always, was definitely not leaving us stranded. He had a plan to keep us plugged in, even in his absence. He introduced us to ALAT and told us ALAT could be our plug for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and beyond!

With ALAT, we’re being promised wider access to vendors, deals, discounts, and awoofs that Ade could not even match. This is the best news to come. It’s a no-brainer! ALAT has instantly become our plug! Eagerly, we await the Live Event that takes place every Friday on the ALAT Instagram page. We are certain to meet new vendors with discounts and amazing Black Friday deals.

On ALAT, anyone, yes, anyone can enjoy discounts on any item and product! You never have to pay full price with ALAT Rewards. All you have to do is just shop. 

With ALAT as our plug, Black Friday is in the bag already. You, too, could make ALAT your plug! How?

You can start by following ALAT on all social media platforms and join in on the Instagram Live Sessions every Friday to get the best deals from various vendors, thanks to ALAT, our plug! An impressive lineup of vendors are on standby to give you deals you won’t get anywhere else. 

What else? By signing up on ALAT, you too could also enjoy the deals and discounts we have been enjoying, thanks to ALAT Rewards. Simply head to Deals and Discounts and scroll through the deals that are already on display. Easily pay with your ALAT card once you find what you prefer – of course, you would find what you love. ALAT rewards would definitely have it all. 

Ready to start enjoying discounts? You can start here.

Who is your plug? ALAT is definitely the Plug of Plugs!


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