The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, made a notable arrival in Nigeria on May 10th, marking their first major trip to Africa since Stepping down from the royal family duties in 2020. Their visit, which focused on rehabilitation, sports, women empowerment, and mental health, has garnered significant media attention. However, a seemingly small detail from the royal homecoming event has sparked even greater interest on social media.

An image from one of their reception events showed a bottle of beloved non-alcoholic wine brand – St. Lauren wine on the Duke and Duchess’ table. This unexpected sighting has led to widespread excitement among Wine-loving Nigerians on X.

For many, it also elevates their beloved St. Lauren Non-alcoholic wine, extending to them, an association of which they are proud.

X user, @ProGhost tweeted,  “If you know your wines very well, you can easily recognize that to be #StLaurenwine.” Another tweep who agreed with the wine brand being a “top wine” said, “For it to be there, it’s definitely a top wine. It looks like #StLaurenwine though.

Ensuing conversations has further driven the brand positioning as the premium celebratory wine of choice, giving many people a reason to cross over and be associated with St. Lauren.

“Be like na #StLaurenwine me sef go dey drink now abi wetin I dey see for dem royal couple so?”

The appearance of the St. Lauren wine bottle has captured public interest, making the brand one to watch. The excitement surrounding the sighting reflects a sense of pride among Nigerians.



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