For over a decade, Guinness has dedicatedly fueled the passion for football in Nigeria, carefully curating unforgettable football experiences.

The nation’s number one premium beer brand, Guinness, has unified people through its power of goodness and communion and has been a catalyst behind some of the best football moments we have seen.

What Guinness saw was not just a game, but a beating heart and a chance to unite this diverse nation under the banner of the beautiful game. In 2013, the brand, in its usual commitment to being bold took on a record-breaking feat and unveiled the world’s largest Nigerian jersey, a powerful symbol of unwavering support for the Super Eagles. This wasn’t just a jersey; it was a battle cry.

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Guinness, with the understanding that support goes beyond a giant piece of cloth, then launched the “Fly with the Eagles” campaign, fulfilling the dreams of 200 Super-fans with an all-expenses-paid trip to cheer on the Nigerian team in South Africa. The AFCON 2013 trophy was hoisted high with unforgettable memories of the roar of the crowd, shared hope, and electrifying energy of victory.

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The love for football, particularly the Premier League, burns bright in Nigeria. Guinness recognized this and became the official broadcast partner with Multichoice/SuperSport. Every electrifying goal, every nail-biting save, was beamed directly into homes across the nation, but the story doesn’t end there.

“Every Minute Made of More” consumer promotions and celebratory ad was another campaign that kept excitement bubbling with the Superfans throughout the 2015 football season.

Guinness not only focuses on the big leagues but also believes in nurturing local talent. In 2017, Thierry Henry, a football icon walked onto Nigerian soil. His presence which ignited a fire in young players’ hearts, is a testament to Guinness’ commitment to growing the beautiful game from the roots up. The following year (in 2018), Guinness partnered with Rio Ferdinand, another football legend celebrating the unwavering spirit of Nigerian fans with a country-wide tour – a spirit truly “Made of More.”

Guinness wasn’t satisfied with just watching the game; they wanted fans to experience it and this led to the start of Guinness Night Football, a multi-sensory extravaganza of nighttime five-a-side matches across Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, and of course, Nigeria. This wasn’t just any tournament; it was a celebration of passion, featuring teams battling it out under the floodlights, culminating in a final night in Lagos with celebrities like Rio Ferdinand and others not just cheering but joining in the five aside games with fans. The night wasn’t complete without the electrifying performances of top African artists, blending music and football for a memorable experience that resonated deep within the soul.
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Post pandemic, Guinness remained steadfast. They renewed their partnership with SuperSport, ensuring Nigerians wouldn’t miss a single Premier League moment. In 2022, in the spirit of fandom, Guinness surprised 20 superfans with a trip to witness the magic of the EPL live in London.

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With the brand’s dedication to fans deserving more, Guinness Matchday, launched in September 2023 to deliver epic live football viewing experience to fans across major cities in Nigeria in events with Giant screens, 360 surround sound, and supercharged celebrations of culture through Music and Fashion.
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The resounding success of the event transcended simply watching the game. It was about immersing yourself in the atmosphere, the shared passion, and the super-charged electricity of live football. Over 500,000 fans were directly reached, with a staggering 1.4 million live radio community tuning in weekly to the Guinness Matchday Review Radio shows. The digital footprint exploded, reaching an incredible 61 million and generating 11.5 million engagements.

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Guinness’ commitment extends beyond one-off events. Partnerships with giants like MTN and Showmax ensure fans enjoy data discounts and free access to live matches, extending the reach of the beautiful game further than ever before. This dedication to creating unforgettable experiences is what truly sets Guinness apart. Understanding that football is more than just a game; it’s a shared passion that binds Nigerians together.

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Get ready, Naija Premier League Superfans! Guinness is stepping up their game as the official beer of the league, and that means the most epic fan experiences are coming your way! Expect to see loads of fun activities and events that celebrate the beautiful game. Guinness is all about bringing people together, so this is your chance to connect with fellow fans and share your passion for the Premier League.  Whether you’re cheering on from a pub in Lagos or a living room in Enugu, Guinness intends to make this season one to remember!



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