We Ranked the Mottos of 15 Private Universities in Nigeria

We’ve established that Nigerian public universities need to hire new wordsmiths to revamp their mottos.

It’s time to find out what’s happening with their private counterparts.

Babcock University: Knowledge, truth, service

Replace “Truth” with “Character”, and you’ll have the motto of Ekiti State University.

Adeleke University: Education, excellence and character

This reads like a string of words thrown together just for the sake of having a motto.

Fountain University: Knowledge, faith and leadership

This one would slap harder as a Sunday school motto.

Achievers University: Knowledge, integrity and leadership

Fountain and Achievers University can replace the middle word with anything they like, but we’ll still notice one copying the other.

Bowen University: Excellence and Godliness

Reads like something pulled out of an aspire-to-perspire book.

American University of Nigeria: Quality, integrity, style

This motto reads like the tagline for a footwear company. God, abeg.

Crescent University: Citadel of academic excellence

They better be minting first-class graduates and nothing less.

Afe Babalola University: Labor servitum et integritas

We have another Harry Potter-esque motto all the way from Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria. This one means “Labour for Service and Integrity”.

Baze University: Learn to live

It’s giving “Na who dey alive fit bag degree”.

Lead City University: Knowledge for self-reliance

They have a mandate to mint self-made individuals and I’m here for it.

Mountain Top University: Empowered to excel

Another motto heavy on the self-made vibe. I’ll take a private university’s gospel of empowerment over public universities’ servitude agenda.

Caleb University: For God and humanity

Sounds like something a warrior would say before causing havoc in a Game of Thrones war scene.

Covenant University: Raising a new generation of leaders

Sounds like what a Nigerian politician would include in their manifesto.

Redeemer’s University: Running with a vision

Reading this, the only thing that comes to mind is, “Why are you running?”

Bells University of Technology: Only the best is good for bells

I high-key love this motto because something about it sounds original.

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