If you aren’t tired of kissing frogs and rolling around with goats, we’re tired on your behalf. 

We’ve studied all the Bridgertons and their love matches, and here’s how you can tell you’ve found the one for you so you can stop wasting your time in these streets.

Watching them eat gets you hot and bothered

Something about them indulging in sugary treats has to appeal to the less proper side of you. If they’re truly the one for you and your very being burns for them, then you should be jealous and want to take the place of every spoon, fork, or treat that makes its way into their mouth.

They vex you 

We’re not talking about full-on hatred o. Just something light where sometimes the words that leave their mouth make you roll your eyes, but also makes you happy because at least you got to hear their voice. However, if the sound of their voice makes you feel like pulling your hair and ear out, then they’re most likely not the one for you.

They make you happy

It doesn’t matter if you’re just sitting in silence or arguing about something utterly ridiculous, all that matters is that you’re doing it with them and that’s enough to make you smile like a Nigerian politician that has just successfully rigged an election.

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You dream about them 

If you’re dreaming of them every night then we suggest you tell them to take your name out of their jazz man’s mouth. But, if  the love of your life is making an appearance in your dreams every now and again, then it’s safe to say that they’ve taken full ownership of your mind and heart.

Your family loves them 

If your family members move like Satan’s step-children then this one’s not for you. However, if they’re sensible and you know they always have your best interest at heart then by all means show them your potential beau and hope your family falls in love, like you have.

You feel physically sick when you fight with them 

People in love fight all the time. But, if you and the person you think is “The One” get into a fight and you’re both able to breathe and be functional members of society, then they might not be the one for you. 

They’ll think the world of you

Naturally, the one for you has to think stars shine out of your ass, they need to genuinely believe you’re the sole reason the galaxy shines so bright. If they’re not of this opinion then you need to pack your load and continue your search for love.

You’ll do anything to protect them 

When you find “The One” they’ll mean the world to you, and you’ll do anything to make sure no one hurts them, even if that person is their mother or yourself.

You’re obsessed with them 

When we say obsessed, we mean things like sniffing the air after they walk past you and keeping every letter they’ve written you – you know, normal things people in mutually loving relationships do.

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