Your pre-wedding/engagement pictures are the first glimpse people get of you and your baby as two individuals who have decided to become one. We know how important it is, so here are some inspirations for you.

The one that’ll make everyone blush

Image credit: legalafro via X

How would everyone know you and your boo go together like rice and stew, beans and garri, noodles and bread, if you don’t get up close and personal in your pre-wedding pictures? Show this picture to your photographer and make sure you and your lover’s chemistry jumps out for all to see

The reflection

Image credit: makulapictures via X

After all the time you’ve spent with your baby, you most likely move like twins. This picture would show everyone that you and your baby are one, and if they see the LOYL, they’ve seen you.

Aura for aura

Image credit: queenbenex via X

If you’re sure beyond all reasonable doubt that you and your partner are the coolest people on earth, this is for you. You’d freeze your steeze in time so all the generations after you can bear witness.


Image credit: theadenike_ via X

Your baby is the ruler of your heart, and it’s only fair that everyone sees it.

You and I

Image credit: thepelummy via X

It’s you and the LOYL forever, and there’s no better way to show it than with this picture.


Image credit: badgirlmo via X

What better way to show the world that your lover worships the ground you walk on than this picture with them looking at you like you hung the stars and the moon?

In the rain and the sun

Image credit: gbenemene_eedee via X

No matter what life throws at you, it’s you and your baby, and you’ll stand with each other forever.

You make me happy

Image credit: emirkofi via X

Your partner brings joy into your life, and what better way to show it than with a picture of you all smiles?

No face, no case

Image credit: itstopsss via X

If you don’t want to show everyone and their daddy your baby’s face, then this is the one for you.


Image credit: wumituase via X

You and your baby can look at each other, at the ring, or even at the sunset. You and the samosa in your small chops pack can do anything as long as your photographer knows he’s capturing your silhouettes and the essence of your love.

The movie poster

Image credit: nashbals via X

Doing life with your partner is a journey and there’s no better way to show that than with this shoot that’ll tell your story.

Serving face

Image credit: uncommon_chic via X

If you and your partner really think about it, you don’t need money, your face cards are enough payment for anything you need, so you better show it off.


Image credit: pizzy_funds via X

Are you really in love if you haven’t shown everyone how stupendously good you and your sugar plum look together? Bonus points if you can do it in full glam, and we know you can.

Breaking news

Image credit: bcgomes92 via X

Why tell everyone personally that you’re heading to the altar with the apple of your eye when you could just take pictures like this and announce it in style?

Two for the price of one

Image credit: _kathiiie via X

So you want a full picture that shows you and the sugar in your tea, but you also want a close-up shot of your engagement ring? This is for you.

The view

Image credit: ItsMejMarie via X

We suggest you haul yourself to the top of a mountain and recreate this picture, just to show the lengths you and your pookie wookie would go for each other.


Image credit: _tylerwilliam_ via X

You and your partner have waited for each other forever, and now that you’ve found your missing rib, you can’t wait for the whole world to see.


Image credit: thehoginator via X

The love you and your partner share surpasses space and time. You both believe you would have met each other and fallen in love in any era you found yourselves in. 

The calm

Image credit: chaabangz via X

The best way to show that your baby came into your life and gave you peace is by recreating this shot.


Image credit: chalefiifithis via X

If you like more than one photo idea on this list and want to use them all, you can merge them like this.



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