Are you an ajepako or an ajebutter? You might think you know the answer to that age-old question, but these 11 quizzes will tell you where on the spectrum you truly fall.

1. Only True Ajepakos Can Get More Than 9/13

Are you a true ajepako? Take this quiz.

2. How Much Of An Ajebutter Are You?

Are you a baby ajebutter or a full-blown one? Take this quiz.

3. Can You Get A Perfect Score On This Pidgin English Quiz?

You sabi pidgin? Take this quiz.

4. How Much Of An Agbero Are You?

MC is shaking. Take this quiz.

5. How Razz Are You?

Are you razz or tush? Take this quiz.

6. Are You Book Smart Or Street Smart?

How street smart are you? Take this quiz.

7. Are You A Hard Guy/Babe?

Hard guys and babes, come forward. Take this quiz.

8. Get More Than 6 Right To Prove You’re A Real Marlian

How well do you know Naira Marley? Take this quiz.

9. Do You Remember Nigerian Myths From Your Childhood?

Most ajebutters never heard these myths. Take this quiz.

10. What Are You Most Likely To Get Arrested For?

Will you be arrested for doing drugs or 419? Take this quiz.

11. Which Public Transport Option Matches Your Personality?

Are you a danfo, a keke or a molue? Take this quiz.



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