If you’re a Nigerian millennial, then these 11 quizzes are you chance to bask in some much-needed nostalgia.

1. Only Nigerian Millennials Can Identify 7/13 One-Hit Wonders

Do you remember these one-hit wonders? Take this quiz.

2. Only Nigerians Above 23 Can Answer These Random Questions

How much random 2000s knowledge do you have? Take this quiz.

3. Only Millennials Will Get 7/11 On This BlackBerry Quiz

Who wasn’t obsessed with their BlackBerry? Take this quiz.

4. Only Nigerians Above 23 Can Complete 9/13 Childhood Insults

“You mess…” Take this quiz.

5. Only Nigerian Millennials Will Get 7/12 On This ‘Channels TV’ Quiz

Did you watch Channels TV growing up? Take this quiz.

6. Only Millennials Can Get 9/13 On This OG ‘Nickelodeon’ Quiz

Did you grow up on Nickelodeon? Take this quiz.

7. Can You Get A Perfect Score On This OG ‘Cartoon Network’ Quiz?

Did you grow up on the original Cartoon Network shows? Take this quiz.

8. Younger Nigerians, This One Will Definitely Stress You

The older the you are, the better you’ll do. Take this quiz.

9. Only Nigerians Above 23 Can Get 9/13 On This TV Show Quiz

From ‘Super Story’ to ‘Everyday People’. Take this quiz.

10. Only Nigerians Above 23 Can Get 9/13 On This Candy Quiz

Do you have a sweet enough tooth for this candy trivia? Take this quiz.

11. Can You Identify These Iconic Nigerian Ads From One Line?

“B without BB is like a train without an engine” Take this quiz.


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