On October 29, 2020, we’ll be launching Love Life, a new Zikoko series about relationships, situationships and entanglements. To get you excited, we’ve compiled a list of our most popular love-focused quizzes.

Take the quizzes and don’t forget to tell somebody about Love Life:

1. What Kind Of Romantic Are You?

Are you a hopeless romantic or a logical one? Take this quiz.

2. How Romantic Are You?

Is your heart still functional? Take this quiz.

3. What’s Your Love Language?

Words of affirmation or acts of service? Take this quiz.

4. Are You Relationship Material?

How many yards is your relationship material? Take this quiz.

5. How Do You Love?

Do you love recklessly or cautiously? Take this quiz.

6. Where Are You Going To Find Love?

At work or on a dating app? Take this quiz.

7. What Kind Of Partner Do You Actually Need?

A spontaneous partner or a patient one? Take this quiz.

8. What Do You Look For In A Partner?

Attractiveness, money, intelligence or kindness? Take this quiz.

9. What Kind Of Relationship Works For You?

A monogamous relationship or a polyamorous one? Take this quiz.

10. Can We Guess Your Relationship Status?

Are you a single pringle? Take this quiz.

11. What Grade Does Your Love Life Deserve?

Does your love life get an A or an F? Take this quiz.


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