The personality quizzes are fun and all, but they don’t test you quite as much as the trivia quizzes. So, we’ve gathered 11 of the most popular ones to separate the efikos from the rest of us.

1. QUIZ: Can You Answer Everything Aroma Ufodike Did To Win N10 Million?

Aroma Ufodike is the only Nigerian to ever win Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Can you answer the 15 questions he did? Take the quiz.

2. QUIZ: How Much Random Nigerian Knowledge Do You Have?

Let’s see how much random knowledge about Nigerian music, film, literature, politics and geography you have in your head. Take the quiz.

3. QUIZ: How Many ‘Use Of English’ JAMB Questions Can You Get?

Can you nail these very real ‘Use of English’ JAMB questions? Take the quiz.

4. QUIZ: Are You Smart Enough For Primary 5 Quantitative Reasoning?

Quantitative Reasoning was a nightmare in primary school. Will you still struggle with it? Take the quiz.

5. QUIZ: Can You Handle Primary 5 Verbal Reasoning?

Verbal Reasoning was a lot easier than Quantitative Reasoning. Do you think you can still ace it? Take the quiz.

6. QUIZ: Can You Answer These Real Cowbellpedia Maths Questions?

Cowbellpedia is a Nigerian mathematics quiz TV show that debuted in 2015. Can you nail 15 real questions from the show? Take the quiz.

7. QUIZ: Can You Pass This BODMAS Test Without A Calculator?

How strong is your BODMAS game? You can find out right now. Take the quiz.

8. QUIZ: Can You Spell These 15 Words From A Nigerian Spelling Bee?

We recently found out that Nigerian spelling bees are a thing. Can you spell some of the toughest words the kids were asked to spell? Take the quiz.

9. QUIZ: How Many Real Common Entrance Questions Can You Get?

We gathered very real Common Entrance past questions to see if you’re smarter than the average JSS 1 student. Take the quiz.

10. QUIZ: Do You Know African Countries & Their Capitals?

The most popular Zikoko post of all time tests just how well you know African countries and their capitals. Take the quiz.

11. QUIZ: Do You Know The Correct Spelling Of These African Countries?

We gathered 17 of the most commonly misspelt African countries to test your spelling game. Take the quiz.


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