Let it never be said that Nollywood doesn’t give us choices. From the deadbeat daddies to the daddies that double as besties, here are the greatest father-son duos Nollywood has given us so far.

Mr Ibu and Muo in “Mr Ibu”

Image Credit: PremiumTimesNigeria

Mr Ibu and Muo were constantly at each other’s throats and never let the other have even a second of peace, but it was clear they cared about each other—even if it was because they got to torment each other.

Andy and Nnamdi Okeke in “Living in Bondage: Breaking Free” 

Image Credit: shockng

Imagine finding your way out of a satanic cult, giving your life to Christ, and turning a new leaf only for your estranged son to walk in there and take your spot. 

That’s what happened with these two. Andy had to find a way to build a relationship with Nnamdi and save him from the clutches of Richard Williams and his not-so-merry band of blood-sucking demons. We didn’t think they’d succeed, but the cult was no match for a praying father.

Paul and Damilola Edima in “The Black Book” 

We didn’t get to see much of their relationship with each other, but we saw the way Damilola’s daddy hunted down the people that killed his son, and that’s enough to show how much they meant to each other.

Fred Ade-Williams and Philip Ade-Williams in “Tinsel”

Was Philip a spoiled brat? Yes

Did his daddy let him carry his spoiled, wayward attitude to the outside world? Yes. Now and again

Fred and Philp’s relationship was strained, but they knew they could always reach out to each other if they needed help.

Chief T.A Fuji and his many sons in “Fuji House of Commotion” 

Image Credit: zikoko

Chief T.A. definitely wasn’t the best father to his multiple sons because how do you forget your children’s names? But he was one of the first deadbeat daddies Nollywood gave us, and we appreciate the visibility.

Tivdo and Terfa Gyado in “Unbroken”

Image Credit: AfricaMagic

If there was anything Tivdo knew for a fact, it was that his daddy loved him. Terfa’s shady dealings might have temporarily cost him his legs, but at the end of the day, they were a team, and they knew they had each other’s backs.

Imole and Maje in “Slum King”

Image Credit: BHM

Maje may have lost his biological father at a young age and gotten thrown into maximum prison, but he met x and had his life changed completely. Granted, it wasn’t for the best because his new daddy threw him into a life of gbomo gbomo, but they loved each other and did their best to make sure it showed.

Adil and Jayden in “Big Love”

Adil might not have been Jayden’s biological father, but it was clear to everyone that he would’ve done anything for the boy. Even when Adil and Adina briefly broke up, he still tried his best to show up for Jayden as much as he could.



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