You might disagree with us, but Davido is a lover boy. From the broke lover boy anthem, Aye, to Assurance, which is his dedication of love to his wife, Chioma, it’s clear that OBO loves love in whatever shape or form. 

We love all his lover boy songs, but everyone would agree that these are the best ones of all time (arranged in no particular order).

No Competition with Asake

Who wants to compete with anyone for their baby’s love and affection? Nobody.

Davido and Asake did this one for the people who love words of affirmation. The song starts and ends with them hailing their baby and waxing lyrical about how nobody could touch the helm of their baby’s garment because she’s just that wonderful.

Notable lyric: “Fami mo’ra, Angelina Jolie Iwonikan, nikan-nikan-nikan, o ti toh mi.”

Kante with Fave

Have you ever been so in love with somebody that you don’t understand how you feel around them? All you know is that you love the feeling and would do anything to ensure it never stops. That’s how Davido felt about the girl this song is about.

Notable lyric: “I wanna love you for life I no go like to say goodbye.”

E pain me

Technically, this is a heartbreak song, but Davido starts the song by saying that the girl who broke his heart is bad (hot AF). He’s hurt by the breakup, but he still wants to be with her. If that isn’t love, then what is?

Notable lyric: “Bad girl wan carry me do jangulova.”

Na money with The Cavemen and Angelique Kidjo

Love without money is fine, but as we can clearly see, in this current economy, love with money is GREAT. Davido, The Cavemen, and Angelique Kidjo knew this when they sat down and put this song together.

Notable lyric:

“Them no dey chop gravel, money go surplus o.”


We understand that love is a strong feeling, and he most likely just wanted to show us how much he loved the person, but someone, please tell Davido that sending money and bananas to fall on someone’s head like rain then sending paparazzi to follow them is not the best way to declare your love.

Notable lyric:  “I don’t wanna be a player no more”

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If your partner has refused to commit to your relationship, you have two options: play this song to remind them of the “lifetime insurance” you’ve been asking for, or leave. We suggest you do both. You may find someone who loves you enough to make money when you go, and Prada will fall on you.

Notable lyric: “And if I ever leave oh make water carry me dey go.”


It’s nice to know that someone loves you for you and not what they have to offer, but can someone please ask Davido if love will pay for dates or feed me and my baby?

Notable lyric: “Emergency, baby, you ’cause emergency.”

1 Milli

Let’s be honest; how much is even 1 million dollars? Nothing is too much for someone if you love them and want to keep them by your side forever.

Notable lyric: “How much is one milli, one million dollars?”

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