The Bible says, “He was buried and raised from the dead on the third day”.

But what if Jesus decided the suffering human beings had put Him through during the 33 years of His human existence was enough, and He wanted to rest for two extra days?

Jesus knew the time was now. It’d been three days since they dragged Him through the city and treated Him like He’d gone into their homes and stolen all the money they didn’t have.

He’s the light of the world, but where was that light coming from?

Voice: Psstt, psssttt.

He closed His eyes tighter, willing the voice away.

Much better.


Jesus sighed and closed his eyes again.

Angel: Ah. Sir, abeg. It’s Your Daddy that sent me oo.


Angel: It is time.

Jesus: I’m not doing.

Angel: Hmm? 

Jesus: Shebi you did not see the way I carried that cross? And they still flogged Me on top. 

Angel: Sir…

Jesus: Look at My hand.

No, just see the hole they chook inside My hand. I need to rest, abeg.

Angel: Master Jesus, but it’s been three days.

Jesus: Ehen? I used the three days to conquer death and collect the keys of that fire fire place.

The fire fire place

Angel: Sir…

Jesus: Shhh 

They hear female voices, and the angel moves toward the stone at the entrance of the tomb.

Jesus: If you…

Everyone stands still.

The stone starts moving, and Jesus places his hand on it to still it.


(in a whisper): It’s the Marys and Salome, Sir.

They hear a basket drop and hurried feet moving away from the tomb.

Jesus: Shebi you can see what you’ve done?

Mary Magdalene, Salome and Mary, the mother of James, walk quietly towards the city.

Salome: What if…

Mary, the mother of James: Shhh

Salome: Ahn ahn

Salome walks fast to stand in front of them.

Salome: Please, we heard what we heard. You know there’s nothing He cannot do. 

What if Jesus is awake? 

Strangers on the street stop to stare at them…

…before running off.

Mary Magdalene:

Salome: Sorry. 

Jesus wanted to rest, that was all. But two days after Salome and the Marys visited, no one was letting Him be. Three more angels had come to “watch over” Him, and the humans had turned His tomb into a tourist attraction. 

So the rest He was trying to rest had touched the hem of His own garment, developed strength like no other and turned around to bite Him. 

Jesus: Zikoko, I can hear you oo.

He’d learnt His lesson, and it was time to get back to work.

Jesus could hear them coming.

He stood up from His spot on the ground.


Shall we?

The disciples, Salome and the Marys stand in front of the now-open tomb.

Salome drops to her knees.


Mary Magdalene:

Jesus stands behind the group, peeking into the tomb as well.

Jesus: What are we looking at?


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