It’s May 27, and while the kids get to take the day off as a public holiday, capitalism denies adults — who are actual children of their parents — this satisfaction. But who says you can’t steal some of your employer’s time to binge-watch a cartoon or two that’ll help you make crass jokes about your adulthood struggles?

7 Animations to Binge-Watch as an Adult on Children’s Day

We curated a list of seven grown-up animations to get you started.

“Big Mouth”

Don’t be fooled by the weird-looking hormone monster, Big Mouth focuses on puberty and the awkward experiences of teenagers. It goes heavy on topics like hormones, sexuality and body changes in an unhinged way. If you struggled with sexual awkwardness as a teen, you’ll relate heavily to this animation. Plus, it’s funny as hell.

“Bojark Horseman”

Think about all the existential crises you’ve experienced as a Nigerian adult, and you’ll find yourself jotting things down when you watch this animation. Bojark Horseman follows the life of a washed-up Hollywood horse dealing with depression, addiction and self-destructive behaviour. It’s a dark comedy with mature themes and many relatable moments that’ll have you muttering “God, abeg.”

“Family Guy”

One thing about this show? You’ll catch yourself asking the question, “How the hell did they allow this to air on TV?” repeatedly. Family Guy is unhinged in all the ways you can think of, and it’s worse because it references real-life events, relying heavily on slapstick humour and offensive jokes.

“Rick and Morty”

This show follows the story of a mad scientist grandpa who takes his teenage grandson on crazy adventures across dimensions. It has the right mix of violence and profanity that makes for good adult humour.

“South Park”

One fun fact about this show? It’s been serving crass humour since 1997. South Park is notorious for social and political satire often delivered in a vulgar way. It uses profanity and violence and tackles mature themes in a way that resonates with grown-up minds.

American Dad

Like Family Guy, this show uses offensive humour to drive its plot and often revolves around dysfunctional family situations. Characters like Steve and Roger deliver the show’s adult jokes with no restraint. If you binge an entire season, you might catch an episode bashing capitalism for making you work on a Children’s Day holiday.

The Simpsons

The show follows the Simpsons, an American middle-class family living in the fictional town of Springfield. It also uses adult humour to poke fun at American culture, TV, politics and everyday human experiences. The Simpsons is famous for referencing pop culture and historical events.

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