How Would You Spend $1000? See What 5 Different Kinds Of People Would Do

November 29, 2019

Imagine if you could get $1000 right now, for doing the barest minimum or something very regular, something you did everyday. How would you feel? This is definitely you when you get the alert:

But wait oh, how much is $1000 in naira? Let’s just say A LOT OF MONEY. Which is about 362,500 naira. Let’s allow you a few minutes to let that sink in.

You know what’s even better than $1000? It’s a $1000 wardrobe allowance. A little bird just told us that your lit selfie could earn you this.

No we are not joking. Just imagine how many clothes you’d get with that amount of money and how many people you would tension.

The truth is, with this amount of money, people have a whole lot of different fashion-related things they would like to explore. We did some investigation and found out that there are five kinds of people on this planet, based on what they would do if they were one of the lucky people to win $1000 worth of clothing allowance.

  • The people who say they only shop at Balogun.

It’s like someone telling you that they want to carry you for a vacation in the abroad, but you’re saying you’re okay staying at home. My friend will you keep quiet. We all need to diversify our wardrobe, upgrade and try out new styles now and then, and you know what, $1000 and a lit selfie is all you need.

  • People that say they want cash instead.

Just so that they can go to Kohinoor Lounge and pop as much as they can. For them, it’s the drip or nothing.

  • People who convert the $1000 dollars to cash so they can buy one shoe they’ve been eyeing since with the entire money

We were just counting how many clothes you could buy with that money. Now someone wants to use it to buy one shoe. Hmm okay oh. Eyan Mayweather, we see you.

  • The ones that buy three mad outfits for Detty December

Detty December can never be complete without bringing your slay game into the picture. That’s the rule, we didn’t make it up. That’s why we can’t help but stan some people who said, they’ll be buying three correct outfits just to slay everyone this Detty December, turn up at every event and let everyone know that they were #StyledByInfinixS5. A what? A vibe.

  • The ones that are smart enough to buy the Infinix S5 because they know that after the fashion upgrade, you need to take lit selfies.

You know what’s as important than new clothes? Lit selfies with your new Infinix S5.

You could be one of these kind of people by doing posting a glamarous selfie and using the hashtags #StyledByInfinixS5, #DoTheMostWithInfinixS5 and get ready for Detty December with #InfinixS5. This would earn you the chance to win $1000 in clothing allowance.

The infinix S5 is the number one lifestyle smartphone that helps you capture your sense of fashion and style with its crystal clear 32 MP front camera and 6.6-inch display screen.

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