The year is about to end and while many are panicking about not having achieved 2 out of the 30 goals they had on their New Year’s resolution, you can’t relate because you don’t have one, not even a fitness goal, the one everyone seems to have. You don’t need it because you feel people who create one are aje-butter. Your mantra is, “Why go to the gym when I trek everyday?”

Let me blow your mind: If any of these applies to you then you may have been fitfaming all this time without realising !

  • You have a food schedule in your house. Yes, the one you painstakingly created, ensuring that carbohydrates and protein mix daily.
  • You don’t go anywhere without water. Your name should be Fountain, considering the gallons of water you drink on a daily.
  • You don’t drink fizzy beverages because they make you sneeze and are sickening sweet; why do people go crazy over it for reals though?
  • You don’t need a treadmill, you walk so fast, Usian Bolt can’t keep up with you.

Did you relate to any of this? Then fam, you are part of the fitfam fambam.


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