Having a good or bad neighbor is not something we give much thought to until we are faced with nasty and annoying neighbors that make us regret our choice of an apartment. Most times, if one is under the constant attack of an unreasonable neighbor it’s hard to imagine that it’s not personal even when it feels that way. However, their mode of operation is a status quo, something they can’t help.

We’ve listed six types of neighbors that make living in harmony and having a tranquil home experience so hard. Chances are, you’re presently living with a troublesome neighbor if you can relate with any of these:

1) Noisy neighbors:

Their partners, children and even their household items are a source of noise. God help you if your apartment is a floor below theirs; the running feet at odd hours and dragging of furniture will be sure to keep you awake all night. Oh, and they never get tired either, mornings are for shouting matches.

2) Monitoring spirit:

These ones know when you stepped out; what you wore last Thursday, who came visiting at 9am four days ago and when they left. They know what you had for breakfast and what your favorite snack is because they check your garbage. Sometimes they go beyond your wildest imaginings; snooping around, standing by the wall, peeping into your window, eavesdropping to know what you are up to.

3) Needy neighbors:

These ones need TLC and they want it any time, so they disturb at odd hours just to air their views; about another neighbor or how they hate the new security rules, the stupid curfew, or anything really. Then they would proceed to ask for salt, garri, seasoning, detergent or pegs and never return it. However, they can be your plug for in-house information if you know how to handle them.

4) Attackers:

They always time their complaints to the time you are in a hurry to go somewhere. They don’t like how you utilize your parking space which disturbs their car; why do you pay your bills on time? It’s making them look bad. The sound of your heels when you are leaving disturbs them; the way you locked the gate at 1 am on Friday night woke their baby up; even the fragrance of your perfume makes them sneeze, can you please change it?

They are never satisfied. If you are right, wahala; if you are wrong, double wahala.

5) Advisors:

The ringleaders of the unofficial advisory committee in your neighborhood. They don’t mind their business at all. They are usually in cohorts with the needy neighbor, they feed off each other.

They tell you how to train your kids, speak to your parents, dress well. They also “worry for you”, inquiring about why you always come home so late, or never leave your house; telling you why that meal you ordered in is a waste of money, why the PET bottles in your trash is alarming, why you need to think of your health! And, the way you speak to your boyfriend on the phone (in your apartment) is insensitive, why the number of ladies that come visiting is atrocious.

6) Crowd lovers:

The footfall in their apartment is crazy. In fact, they never close their doors because of the constancy of their visitors and the daily house parties they have–you’re gonna have to get out of your apartment if you wanna study. They are usually overtly friendly folks who are hard to keep a grudge with yet they remain a nuisance.

Which of these do you find the most annoying?


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