If you graduated from Covenant University, chances are you still get nightmares about the stressful place. So, as a former student myself, I’ve put together a couple of things that still trigger me, and I’m sure you feel the same way.

1. The sight of a small white bus.

Your brain just screams, “BUS 5”.

2. The video game character, Mario.

Reminds you of the pocket-sized demon that tortured us.

3. The word “Caution”.

You immediately feel the urge to shut up.

4. People named Muyiwa.

If your name is Muyiwa, can you even trust yourself?

5. Filling forms.

Always triggers memories of filling offence forms.

6. Biometric devices.

Our thumbs have suffered.

7. Audis.

The only other car we feared as much as Bus 5.

8. The animated villain, Megamind.

Reminds you of the other big-headed villain that haunted chapel.

9. When your device starts “pairing”.

Ah. I’m not pairing oh.

10. The word “Papa”.

Is there a word you hate more?

11. When someone says “Good news”.

You already know it never is.

12. Whenever you see corporate clothes.

Take that tie away from me.

13. The entire Ogun state.

Ogun state reminds you of Ota, which in turn reminds you of CU.


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