13 Things Only People Who Hate Driving Will Understand

February 17, 2020

A lot of stress come with having a car, especially the hidden costs and other expenses parts of it. But the one people don’t really talk about, even though it is a valid struggle is everything that comes with actually driving the car. Granted, some people enjoy it, but others would rather avoid sitting on the driver’s seat if they can help it. This post is for such people.

1. When you turn the ignition and the car actually roars to life 

*Sigh* Here we go again.

2. When you have to look at your rearview and side mirrors every time you are on a narrow road

“You don hit my car” is not sweet in real life

3. You, every time you have to reverse the car or make a U-turn

Why did I even bring this car out?

4. When you miss a turn and you have to be on the lookout for the next one

Look at me wasting fuel anyhow.

5. When you’re stuck in traffic and realise you can’t leave your car and jump on an okada

This life is not for me

6. You, every time you have to parallel park


7. When traffic just cleared and everybody has started honking at you

Ehn. fly now.

8. When you see a heavy vehicle approaching you

Hay God. Help me

9. When your phone is blowing up but you can’t check because you’re driving

Would it hurt if I keep my eyes off the road for a few seconds?

10. When the driver in front of you won’t stop hitting the brakes

If you don’t geddifok.

11. When you lower the car radio because you want to read a street sign

Apparently, the lower the volume, the clearer you see

12. When you switch lanes because the driver in front of you is slow, but you end up behind someone slower

Patience is a virtue.

13. When you’re not in the mood to drive but Bolt and Uber don’t rate you

5 % surge? How much is fuel sef?

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