All The Weird Things That Can Happen On Blind Date

February 11, 2020

The idea of a blind date definitely sounds exciting, but nobody really knows what they’re getting themselves into. This means that it can go rather well or horribly wrong.

You are on your lane when your friends decide to set you up on a date

You people don’t have work abi?

At first, you are like 

No thanks.

But they are relentless, so you give in

raven symone ok GIF


You were even like what’s the worst that could happen?

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What have the eyes not seen?

You and your date agree on a day, time, and location

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God, don’t make me regret this.

When you get to the location before your date

This is definitely off to a great time

You, after a waiter has come to take your order for the third time

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Have I been stood up?

When they eventually arrive and they look nothing like the picture you saw

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What’s all this.

Then you realise that you have a type

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I shouldn’t have agreed to this, but here we are.

When you go in for a brief hug, but they held on to you tightly

Oh, my God. Take it easy na.

When nobody can figure out what to say

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Say something. Say something.

When you’re eating and you hear a loud rumbling in your stomach

Can the ground swallow me now, please?

When you finally start talking and all they talk about is themselves

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Hello! I’m here too

And you have to laugh at their dry jokes

Ha. Ha. Ha

And they couldn’t stop bring ing their ex into the conversation

Ah, this one is on the rebound oh

You, thinking of a way to end the date

Image result for Falz's meme

This is not the worst I planned for, abeg

When you’re leaving and you bump into your ex on the way out

Image result for jide kosoko meme

I should have stayed in my house.

When they ask you for  a second date

Didn’t you read the room?

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