There come numerous times in human life when frustration hits and words are used as coping mechanisms. For Nigerians, “I’m somebody’s child” ranks high in the list of things to say. And since this country and its elements are set up to frustrate you, you should know that these words are appropriate whenever you’re dealing with any of these 9 situations.

1. When you see a cute picture of a couple on Twitter and You’re reminded of your singleness

God when! I’m somebody’s child and I know how to love too.

2. When your bank debits you after a failed transaction 

I’m somebody’s child. I shouldn’t really be going through this torture.

3. When your boss ask you to work on a weekend

I’m somebody’s child. I’m not supposed to deal with people who are so bent on making my life miserable.

4. When you watch a 3 minute YouTube video for 15 minutes

I’m somebody’s child. I enjoy the fast things of life.

5. When you go out in your best clothes and come back home drenched in rain

I’m somebody’s child, God. It will suck if I die of hypothermia.

6. When your cooking gas finishes on a Sunday night

I’m somebody’s child and it’ not fair that I will go to bed hungry.

7. When you have a food craving you can’t satisfy 

I’m somebody’s child. I should get all the food I want

8. When you’ve splurged a little too much and your account balance has taken a hit

God, I’m somebody’s child. I deserve all the good things of life without worrying about going broke

9.When an instagram vendor hit you with “DM for price”

I’m somebody’s child. I shouldn’t be meeting time-wasters.



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