6 Times You Wondered If Your Parents Were Really Your Parents

December 13, 2019

Nigerian parents have a really weird parenting process. Sometimes, they are so chill that you actually get along with them, but at other times, they do things that make you wonder if they are keeping your true parentage a secret from you. If you grew up in a Nigerian home and have wondered if the grown-ups in your house are actually your parents, you will relate to these struggles:

When you failed an exam and your parents went on about how dumb you were

You wouldn’t have paid attention too much attention to this, but your dad said something like: “ no child of mine can be this dumb.”

Every time they overlooked huge mistakes your siblings made

You knew your parents could never let shit go. Again, this wouldn’t have been a big deal but their stance on discipline usually changed whenever your brother or sister made a mistake they would have killed you for.

When You had to do all those crazy punishments

How did they even think of all these punishments and the names they gave them. No real parent would treat their children this way, except the child wasn’t really theirs.

When they deride you for every little thing

You could be watching the TV and they would be like “You can’t even watch the TV right. You can’t do anything right.” What’s the connection, please?

When you asked them for money and they told you that they didn’t have

The whole reason why parents bring children into the world is to provide for them, no? So, where was the “I don’t have money” song coming from?

Every time they went out without you after they’d told you to go and wear your shoes

Nothing prepared anybody raised in a Nigerian home for this betrayal, and it happened practically all the time. Actual parents would be proud to show off their kids.

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