If you’ve ever been the side chick to a Nigerian man, then you’ll definitely recognise a few of these struggles, from waiting to be promoted to ‘main chick’ to being introduced as his “friend”.

1. When you go to confront his side chick and find out you’re the side chick.

It can pain.

2. When you go through his phone and see your number saved as ‘Tunde Mechanic’.

See my life.

3. How he takes pictures with you:

Hian. Am I smelling?

4. When you tell him you’re falling for him.

Better stand up.

5. When you call him your boyfriend.

Nothing. I didn’t say anything.

6. When he introduces you to his guys as his “friend”.

Friend ke?

7. When his friends ask if you’re the Nkem he is always talking about, but your name is Chioma.

Uhm! Actually…

8. When you post a picture of him on Instagram and he calls you to delete it.

No vex.

9. How he looks at you when you ask about his girlfriend:

Sorry oh!

10. Him, when a stranger calls you guys a lovely couple:

If you like carry your face.

11. When you think he is cheating.

Why so unfaithful?

12. When you know he is going to see his main chick.

You’re sha not leaving my side.

13. When you ask him where he sees your relationship in the future.

See kini?

14. When he buys you and his main chick the same perfume so he doesn’t smell like another woman.

Professional cheater.

15. When you remember that he said he was going to “dump her soon”.

Still waiting oh!


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