For everyone who went to secondary school in Nigeria, there are common annoying and borderline traumatic experiences that link us all together. So, we gathered 13 of them to see if they’d trigger some equally funny and unpleasant memories.

1. Losing these weeks to exams:

Your enemies have won.

2. When two seniors are giving you opposing instructions.

What is this stress?

3. “Tear out a sheet of paper.”

Excuse me?

4. When you see your name in the list of noisemakers with “X 6”.

Based on what?

5. “All stand greet.”

Here we go again.

6. The sound of this:

The worst sound ever.

7. “Last junior.”

Can’t be me.

8. These outfits:

Ugly nonsense.

9. “Everybody kneel down.”

Hay God!

10. “Don’t touch it or I’ll start again.”

The last thing you want to hear when they are flogging you.

11. When they finish flogging you and your friends start saying sorry.

That’s actually making it worse

12. “You forgot to collect the homework.”

Shut your damn mouth, oversabi.

13. Never having a complete case of this:

It’s like they stand up and run away.


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