We think women are the most hilarious people on earth.

And we have the material to prove it:

Do you really think our lives would be the same if our women weren’t benevolent queens, blessing us all with the obvious hilarity that flows through their veins?

Just imagine.

Imagine a world where you can’t shout “yes” whenever Jola asks, “Are you into gbegborun?” 

A world where we don’t know that “the act of being an adult is called grownupicity.” 

A world where we don’t know where the bounce is. Is it back from its long trek around Nigeria, or did it go missing? 

A world with no validation for the Happy Noisemakers that we all are. Don’t lie, deep down you know you’re a happy noisemaker.

Jola’s book club

Just imagine Jola Ayeye decided the creative industry wasn’t for her, and she stuck to her Politics and Philosophy degree from the University of Durham.

Oh dear, what if Jola became a Nigerian politician?

First of all, everybody will collect because she’ll keep spitting facts in their faces, but they won’t know what’s happening because they think she’s joking around.

A baby girl for life, Jola would bring changes to this country with a vanilla ice cream in one hand and a glass of red wine in the other.

A world where Switope isn’t highlighting the unintentional humour that spirituality and religion are laced with is not one I want to live in. A world where she can’t answer all our wild AF questions on her podcast or show us how to live our best lives on her radio show? A world where we don’t get to watch her skits and marvel at her creativity?

It’s giving you shall not laugh, you shall not smile. Because what really is life if we can’t go from watching someone say the weirdest things like,  “There’s a demon in hell that I saw with dreadlocks, but it was a snake dancing on its head”  to watching Switope reenact it?

Catching trips, making the bag, and being an international slay mama.

Beverly Adaeze has given us relatable Nigerian aunty content and commentary on all the wild things she’s seen in this life back to back. And they’re a lot.

But what if she never got on the internet to remind us that Nigerian aunties are actually peak comedy, and we never got to hype ourselves as “International Slay Mamas”? Because yes, if you live in Nigeria and can somehow get a visa and buy tickets to leave the country for a quick trip to the Maldives, you’re a baddie, a slay mama who’s gone international. Anybody that wants to argue with you can face a brick wall. 

What if, instead of giving us this type of content, Beverly was a hairstylist and travel vlogger. A weird mix, but let it be known that Nigerian women can do anything but accept suffering. And if Beverly decided to toe this path, best believe she’ll be the best at it. Because all you have to do is ask Buhari, there’s nothing better than catching flights in the name of work. 

And then there’s Maraji.

Gloria Oloruntobi has been making skits and videos since the days of Musical.ly. She made a video mimicking Reekado Banks’ sugar baby and became our sugar baby, and honestly, the mere thought of not having her and her talent has us stressed and distressed because what would we have done?

Where would we be?

From Nigerian fathers acting like they have body doubles anytime your friends come around, to the different ways your bestie starts moving when they japa, Maraji stays doing the absolute most in every video she drops. 

Thankfully, we don’t have to live in a world without these women. From TikTok, to Instagram, Twitter and the other parts of the internet, we get to experience these multifaceted women living in the moment and sharing their funny with us.

Jola Ayeye is a scriptwriter, one half of the “I Said What I Said” podcast and a founding member of the Feminist Coalition, the bad bitch movement of all bad bitch movements.

Up Femco

Ope Keshinro is a radio host, event host and content creator, continuously showing up and showing out.

Beverly Adaeze is a content creator and hairstylist passionate about helping stylists grow their businesses and improve their skills. An international slay mama encouraging women to travel and explore the world around them.

Gloria Oloruntobi is a comedian creating content with her production team that consists of one person, her.

Divine Onobo is a student and content creator who firmly believes “life is never that hard” and moves to show that in her content.

Gabriella Omozele is a content creator and actor. A funny woman to the core, Gabriella came into the scene and made Ms Flora 222, one of her numerous characters, a household name.

Olatunde Onaopemipo is a budding actor and influencer dedicated to creating content unique to her.

Chidera Onoh is a medical student creating content about her life and experiences.

These women are the highlight of our celebration this women’s month, showing up and carrying the weight of the internet’s funny on their back.


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