The 22 Ingredients That Make Jollof Rice King

Jollof rice is more than just a blessed delicacy from God himself…

It is a way of life. Just look at this.

Jollof Rice has proved its culinary excellence and has become so popular all over the world that there’s actually a day to celebrate it.

Yup, World Jollof Rice Day is actually a thing. If you’re curious as to what exactly makes this food so special, I’m going to give you 22 reasons… or ingredients.

1. Love and affection

I mean, this is why your mom’s Jollof Rice is still the best you ever had.

2. Experienced hands

Hands that are almost fireproof, and have evolved into automatic measuring machines.

3. Sweat

Y’all already know this is why proper party Jollof Rice tastes so much better than homecooked. 🌚 Ingredient X.

4. Firewood

If you want to make amazing Jollof Rice, you need to cook it with firewood. It’s in the Constitution.

5. Cast iron pot

Akon is from Senegal. What do you think he was talking about when he sang Pot of Gold?

6. Good rice

No matter your level of skill, if you do mistake and buy bad rice, your Jollof Rice is going to be bad, plain and simple. Shine ya eye.

7. Fresh tomatoes

Get those fresh, healthy-looking juicy tomatoes that usually come from the North. Just go to the market and ask for it.

8. Tomato puree

AKA tin tomato/tinned tomatoes. This is like the photoshop for Jollof Rice. It gives it an extremely attractive pop of colour.

9. Onions

The type that will make you shed tears at its beauty.

10. Scotch bonnet

AKA rodo. Because a little fire is good for the soul, and tastebuds!

11. Salt

I mean… This one is a given.

12. Chicken or beef

Because is your Jollof Rice really complete without ‘animal’?

13. Beef/chicken stock

Keyyy ingredient! The absence of this can spell doom for your Jollof Rice.

14. Vegetable oil

Preferably the one you just used to fry the chicken that has soaked up the spices.

15. Seasoning cubes

Because you need to season that rice well!

16. Bay leaf

For that extra, fabulous ‘scent’ and flavour.

17. Curry and thyme

This is a big part of what gives Jollof Rice that wonderful, endless flavour.

18. Cooking butter

This gives the Jollof Rice the most delectable texture!

19. Mixed vegetables

See ehn, Jollof Rice is an institution on its own. It doesn’t need to be messed with; it’s not fried rice. However, you can add mixed veggies if you want to give it small international exposure.

20. Dodo

Dodo is the perfect sidekick for almost any dish, but there’s just something about dodo and Jollof Rice. A match made in heaven.

21. Moi-moi

This one is for taste and nutrition balance and pure enjoyment.

22. Coleslaw/salad

Because it’s not a bad thing to use enjoyment to kill yourself.

Happy Jollof Rice Day! May the Jollof be with you. Let’s go out and celebrate!