Yet another payday is always upon us and we can’t hide our excitement.

We know it’s very hard, actually scratch that, it’s almost impossible for any of us to make our salaries last till payday. But we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves that might just help you out.

Always remember that there is rice at home.

If you want to save money on food, the next time you drive past your favourite restaurant, just remember that there’s rice at home.

Record all your expenses.

Seriously, even the 200 naira you used to buy gala and lacasera in traffic, put it down somewhere. Review it at the end of the month so you can figure out where your excesses lie.

Put some of your salary in a place you won’t be able to touch it.

Decide on a percentage you want and keep that away every month. You know you are only deceiving yourself using a bank account you have an ATM card for, to save some of your salary.

Just start saving the money right now.

You can start with as little as 50 naira a day and go from there. Or the 100 naira you use to buy pure bliss in traffic every day, save it and go and eat rice at home.

Enter your kitchen and cook.

The 500 naira you are giving to Iya Bas everyday at lunch might not seem like much, but it adds up.

Make a budget.

Just using your mouth to say you won’t finish your salary doesn’t work, we know you know it from experience, so make a strict budget and stick to it.

Don’t be shy to take advantage of discounts.

Whether it’s Jumia Black Friday or Instagram giveaways, sign up for everything that’ll help you save your salary.

Stop the impulse buying.

You don’t need those shoes you saw on Instagram just because it’s half off, or that t-shirt you saw on Twitter that you’ll only wear once. Keep your money.

It’s not by force to go out, not everyday 57.

Don’t let all those friends whose middle names are Dangote drag you down. Sit in your house.

Have any other tips or tricks you swear by? Share them with us now, don’t be stingy.


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