Five Meals To Try In Benin Republic

September 27, 2019

Benin Republic is one of the closest to the sister from another mother that Nigeria has. Even though it’s official language is French and ours is English, there remains a strong connection that even the language barrier can’t break.

The bond is so strong, even our culture, Pidgin English, and food are similar! Don’t believe me? Just try these meals when you visit Benin and you’d know.

Igname Pile:

This swallow dish is so similar to Pounded Yam even Google sometimes shows results of the latter when you search for Igname Pile. It’s just as white and tasty. Perhaps even tastier.

Pate la maize:

Think of Tuwo and you’ve got an idea of how this tastes like.

Pate de manoic:

This is really similar to lafun, white amala. It goes with basically any soup you can think of.


This is basically a pancake meal, with millet flour and rice mixed in the dough being the only difference.


This is a pudding made from tapioca seeds. It’s basically a staple breakfast meal. Add in sugar and milk to it and you’re good to go. Think oatmeal or maybe ogi and you’ve got an idea. It’s actually really amazing.

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