In recent times, Nigerians have embraced meal ordering as a safe and convenient option to crowded restaurants. Owing to this and the need to promote local restaurants, Jumia introduced its Food Festival campaign in 2020 and has since used it to encourage more consumers to order their favourite dishes online. The online food festival is even bigger this year, with more restaurants partnering to offer exciting deals and discounts. 

For two years, Jumia’s Food Festival campaign has provided restaurants with a platform to expand their reach while offering consumers access to tasty meals at the best prices. The options are endless, from breakfast to brunch and desserts if you crave convenience and affordability.

To kick off the mouth-watering experience, here are five categories you might want to explore: 

1. Immerse yourself in the adventure of finger-licking local dishes

Are you looking for the best local cuisines, or do you miss the warmth of mama’s village recipes? Then visit Chopnownow. With a 20% discount on the entire menu, you can get a range of local delicacies like amala and ewedu soup, akara, moi moi, ofada rice, and sauce, to mention a few, for a steal. 

2. Enjoy a variety of tasty staple foods

Do you love noodles so much that you never get bored eating them? If you are looking for new places to taste a new noodle recipe, then do well to order as many plates as you want from Indomie Cafe this campaign season. You will surely be in for a noodle feast with a whopping 35% off all food prices.

3. Indulge your sweet tooth cravings with a “buy 1 get 1 free” offer

Imagine taking a scoop of your favourite ice cream on a sunny day and how it awakens a hormone of happiness that helps reduce stress levels in the body. Jumia allows you to have two cups of your favourite ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery during the online food festival. Also, Pastry lovers are not left out. With an extra free box of 3, you can enjoy more of the yummiest doughnuts from Krispy Kreme Doughnuts & Coffee.

4. Get varieties of food in quick service restaurants

A quick service restaurant is what we commonly call a fast food restaurant. If you’re a lover of fries, sandwiches, chicken, burgers, and pizza, you can order with a 25% slash on food prices at Sooyah Bistro and get all burger meals delivered free from Burger King during this Jumia awoof season.

5. Enjoy intercontinental cuisine from the comfort of your home

Try out various intercontinental cuisines, from Chinese cuisines to Korean beef rice, for a complete food adventure. The Place is one of the best restaurants serving intercontinental dishes.

Now that you have all the information, don’t miss the chance to get the best food experience during the Jumia Food Festival. The ongoing campaign lasts till the 9th of October, 2022. So, hurry! Visit or log on to your Jumia Food app to get started. 


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