All The Ways Nigerian Students Deal With An Impromptu Test

March 16, 2020

Nigerian lecturers are experts in different ways to humble their students.  A trick that is as old as time, but works every damn time requires only 5 words — “Tear a sheet of paper.” This is followed by chaos, and they stand at the centre of it, content with the sheer volume of power they wield. 

It’s usually not funny to the students, and these are some of the common ways they react to this tough time. 

First, loud cries fill the hall

The first sound that would envelop the otherwise quiet lecture room is a uniform gasp from the students, trying to process the shock. What everyone came for was a one or two-hour class — an impromptu test wasn’t a part of the deal. So, the students fill the room with loud cries, hoping they would be strong enough to make the lecturer change their minds.

Followed by protests

If the cries weren’t enough to change the lecturer’s mind, a large chunk of the student try to take on the “hard-guy” role and protest the lecturer’s decision to give them a test. It’s the classic “don’t push us to the wall” move, only that it doesn’t work.

Then they grumble under their breath

Now that it’s sure that the lecturer is not about to back down, the noises die down a little and the students start to fume under their breath and complain about how vile and vicious the lecturer is. Of course, no one is brave enough to say this loud enough for the lecturer to hear

Now, they consider their options

Some section of the students takes a moment to think about the best way to deal with this. There is usually a temptation to stand up and leave the lecture hall, but again, nobody is brave to do this. No good will ever come out of that, especially since you’re dealing with a Nigerian lecturer.

Accept Defeat and tear that sheet of paper

The first sign of defeat comes when everyone starts asking for a sheet of paper. There is no way to get in front of this anymore, so everyone just resigns to their fate. Nobody has ever died from failing a test. 

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