A good part of the 6 years the average Nigerian spent in secondary school was the ghetto, thanks to all the rules and whatnot. The staff had all the power, and they weren’t shy about using them. Chances are that you heard the following during your time in secondary school, in different variations, and hated them.

1. See me

Nothing good hardly comes out of going to see a teacher in the staff room

2. Everybody, stand up, raise up your hands and close your eyes

The teachers’ favourite hack to controlling noise-making

3. What subject do you have after this period?

Math teachers are in this group. If it’s a free period, forget about it for that day.

4. Come out and solve this problem

Again, maths teachers. The walk from your seat to the board was usually a long one.

5. Call your parents

When your principal decides to be petty and involve your parents in something they didn’t need to know about.

6. The last person to get here is in trouble

 Party scatter!

7. Submit your notes to the class captain

This last person you wanted this command from was your Biology teacher

8. Tear a sheet of paper

Apparently, they were preparing us for tertiary education

9. 5 minutes more

What everyone needed to hear to start scribbling furiously

10. Pens up


Didn’t this exam start like 30 minutes ago?

11. Come out if you scored less than 5

Never ends well. Never!



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