Toketemu September 19th Day 1 Nigeria

The Story Of Jollof Rice Is The Story Of West Africa

There are 16 countries, hundreds of cities and millions of people in mainland West Africa. And you know what binds most of us together asides ECOWAS and Nollywood? Jollof Rice.

Travel across West Africa, and you’ll find people swearing by the flaming hot heaven. But Jollof road isn’t just about rice. It is about culture; from the stories to the sounds to the colours, and most importantly, to the people. 

We know Jollof spread across West Africa somehow, but what else spread? 

We’ll be travelling across the region, hopping from city to city. We’ll start in Lagos and travel the entire coastline, through the Python temples of Benin, through the beautiful beaches — and the not-beautiful ones — through the markets, through the music bars and street performances. 

We’ll travel all the way to Senegal, the westernmost country of mainland Africa.  Then we’ll head back through the landlocked countries; through the old cities of Mali, through Sankara’s country, through our Northern neighbours, Niger, and back into Nigeria.

Everywhere we go, we’ll be looking out for four things:

  • Where do the people go?
  • What do the people eat
  • What do the people move to?
  • What’s uniquely interesting about them?

Everything we find — whether it’s human stories or wicked recipes — we’ll share in photos, and videos, and journals. 

So follow Zikoko everywhere; FacebookTwitterInstagram, and most importantly, Youtube.

We Need You.

If you live in any city across West Africa, preferably outside Nigeria, or if you know anyone who lives anywhere across West Africa, holler. We’re looking for people who know their way around their towns and cities, and cheap (or free) places to crash. 

What do you think we should be looking out for? Tell us.

If you’d like to be involved somehow, holler in the comments, let’s get talking.

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