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Fuad February 25th

How To Spend 24 Hours In The Gambia

If you had exactly 24 hours to spend in The Gambia, your day couldn’t be complete without taking a trip to Albert Market, petting a couple of crocodiles and stopping by Coco Resort one of The Gambia’s many luxurious resorts.
Fuad November 12th

A Day Out In The Gambia

James Island has another name; Kunta Kinteh Islands. It’s a historic place (in)famous for its point-of-no-return status, when the British came to this place to take free people back to their country in chains. Denton Bridge is iconic for being the only bridge connecting Banjul to the rest of Gambia. It’s also where you get […]
Fuad November 9th

Why Do White People Love The Gambia So Much?

If you throw a stone in many places in the Gambia, it’ll land on a white person. Don’t throw stones at anyone though. The Gambia is a pretty small country, everywhere is reachable in less than 6 hours. So when our hotel booking said Banjul when it was, in fact, Sene-gambia, we weren’t too pissed. […]

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