1) Do you have debts? This question helps guide whether to throw a big wedding or pay off debts and have a quiet wedding instead. 2) How are we handling the payment of bills when we get married? Let’s be guided. Who handles what and what bill. I pay for light and water, you pay […]


I spent the last two days reading about how online payment platforms work in Nigeria. Why am I so jobless you ask? I’ll explain later. But first, if you don’t already know how card payments work, here’s the gist: Disclaimer: This is not meant to be an authoritative guide. It’s a framework to understand what […]

The subject of today’s story is an IT expert with a special focus on the financial sector. What was it like growing up?  Someone once said this about me while I was in school: “Is it not that girl that used to act as if her father has all the money in the world?” Sounds […]

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