From praying for you, his future partner at the midnight hour to thinking about the next Tik Tok challenge, these are the things men do when you think they’re cheating – evidence sourced by real research.

1. He’s with his mechanic 

Is there ever a time when a man is not fighting with his mechanic? Just as soon as he finishes dealing with one car trouble, another one shows up. So in case you think he’s cheating, no he isn’t. He’s actually fighting with Tunde about his missing carburetor.

2. Practising TikTok challenges with his friends

If you think women love Tik Tok challenges, men love them more. Have you seen the Kupe boys? Your man is definitely somewhere with his friends, shirtless and recording himself busting moves.

3. Recording podcasts

If there’s one thing men love to do, it’s sit down and record podcasts where they talk about how the types of women from their grandmothers’ time no longer exist. Honestly, for this one, we think it’s better if he just cheated.

4. Being an alibi for cheating

He’s not cheating. He’s just out there lying for his buddy who’s actually cheating. Don’t you just love a supportive friend? 

5. He’s selflessly helping people at his gym. 

He doesn’t like to see an unfinished workout routine. He’s correcting the form of a young person at the gym who’s “struggling” to do stretches.

6. Offering rides to helpless strangers

Don’t worry, he’s only being a good Nigerian citizen and picking up strangers that need to get to work on time.

7. In bed with someone else

He’s just showing them a couple of moves that they can use for their partner, that’s all.

8. Cheating 

Because men will always cheat, don’t ever assume otherwise. 


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