Your wedding is a very special day in your life and the people you surround yourself with on that day and the days leading to it are very important. When choosing your bridal train, you’ll need planners, jokesters, and everything in between to make sure your day goes smoothly. Here are the types of people you’ll need as you walk down the aisle.

The bestie

They probably know you better than you know yourself and would ensure you have everything you need, when needed throughout the day.

The laid-back one

People are going to try you on your special day. Someone will try and rush you while you get read, a vendor might act like there’s bomb in their head, and a million other things might try and stress you, which is why you need someone on your bridal train that is laid back and chill, so they can remind you to breathe and pass that stress to the planner or fighter in the group.

The planner

They know what’s supposed to happen, when, and how it’s supposed to happen. They’ll most likely spend half their time dealing with annoying vendors or the actual wedding planner and making sure your special day goes on without a hitch.

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The fighter

While the planner would have a more diplomatic method of handling any issues that may arise on your big day, the fighter won’t. They’ll most likely stand guard beside you through the day and stare daggers into anyone that tries to upset you through the day.

The party animal

You’ll need someone who knows how to have the time of their life so you can remember to have fun on your special day.

The wannabe photographer

You’ve hired a photographer and a videographer, but this bridesmaid would still pull out their phone to record every move you make throughout the day.

The comedian

This person fancies themselves a comedian, so if things get a little tense, you can always trust them to lighten the mood with a joke or two.

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