BBNaija 2020 has started and quite naturally, Nigerians will come with their hot takes and seven hundred and twenty-eight thousand reasons why the reality TV show is the reason why Nigeria is yet to be free from corruption. Here is a list of some of the things they might attack you with, and a list of responses to give to them.

1. Spirikoko Nigerians: You are watching Big Brother? Please check your stand. That show is immoral and demonic.

You: Our leaders are stealing money by the millions. Isn’t that immoral and demonic too? Maybe you should face them first.

2. Motivational Nigerians: Don’t just watch them. What are you doing to make people watch you too?

You: Nothing oh, my brother. Not all of us want to be watched.

3. Efiko Nigerians: BBNaija has no academic value. It reduces your IQ.

You: You that your IQ is still intact, what has it brought you?

4. Oversabi Nigerians: Project Fame, Gulder Ultimate Search, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, those ones are shows. BBN is soft porn.

You: In that case, time for me to prepare for a soft orgasm.

5. CBN Nigerians: You’re just wasting your money to vote and enriching the sponsors.

You: We are all wasting our money in different ways. Know this and know peace.

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