Watching (or getting caught watching) a sex scene with your parents is by far one of the most embarrassing things that can ever happen to anyone — regardless of your age . Most of us have been there, but sometimes it’s not our fault. We either pick a film thinking it’s wholesome or the adults themselves select a film that just leaves everyone feeling awkward when people start getting naked. 

We asked these Nigerians if they could remember the first sex scene their parents saw them watching and what happened next. This is what they told us. 


— Tochukwu, 34

I was about 7 or 8 when I saw Titanic with my entire family. Titanic had just come out, and my cousin who lived in the U.K brought a videocassette of it. Everything was cool until this babe took off her jalabiya so Leonardo DiCaprio could draw her… naked! Why? What was the reason? I didn’t understand what was happening, but my mum bounced me and my siblings to our room. That was also the day I learnt the word “sex”, because when I asked my older brother what was happening, he told me that’s what the boy and girl were doing. I thought it was disgusting. 

American Pie

— Amaka, 28

Remember those pirated DVDs that had like twenty films in one CD? Mehn, I was about 13 when I borrowed one that included American Pie from my classmate. He didn’t tell me what American Pie was about and honestly, I didn’t bother to ask because I just wanted to watch The Princess Diaries which was also on the CD. My mum joined me towards the end of The Princess Diaries, so when American Pie started playing next, she was seated there. The first thing you hear in that film is a girl moaning. If you see the way I jumped up and started explaining myself. LOL. I thought she would break my head, but instead, she broke the CD and followed me to school the next day to report my classmate. Honestly, she should’ve just broken my head. 

365 Days

— Sandra, 22

This was a classic case of “na me fuck up” because truly, na me fuck up. My dad and I love action films, so when 365 Days showed up on our Netflix during the 2020 pandemic lockdown, we were hyped. I was 20 at the time. And In my head, I thought the girl would get kidnapped and her man would go fighting for her but alas it was “lashing” up and down. Someone was giving head in the first scene and I wanted to die on the spot. My dad just stood up and went to his room. 

The guy was traumatised. Omo, me too I stood up like a good girl and went to watch the film on the laptop in my room. Both of us pretended like it never happened. 

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Brokeback Mountain

— Yinka, 30 

I understood what trauma meant the day my dad caught me watching Brokeback Mountain in the middle of the night when I was 16. For context, this film is about two cowboys who fall in love with each other and do the do along the way. My room didn’t have a lock and my dad didn’t knock. This man barged into my room at about 11 p.m and it’s at the exact moment the guys were about to have sex after eating hot beans (the girls that get it, get it). This was also the night I got outed because my dad refused to believe that it was just a film for me. He still thinks I’m gay, but I’ve continued to deny it. 

Girls Trip

— Aduke, 27

When I asked my mum to watch Girls Trip with me, I thought cussing was the worst that could happen. I was 22 at the time. To be honest, there isn’t any graphic sex scene and it’s funny as hell, but there’s this popular Tifanny Haddish grapefruit scene that just changed everything. My mum is usually very chill with these raunchy films, but Tiffany Haddish has ruined the poor woman and I can’t blame her. I knew she was uncomfortable, but we were already invested. We finished it and she asked me if that’s what we do these days. Eww. 

Basic Instinct

— Mike, 31

There was no mistake here, I knew exactly what I wanted to watch when I bought Basic Instinct  at 14. My classmates were talking about it, and I wanted to feel among. I decided to watch it during my midterm break when I knew no one would be at home. Little did I know my mum had come back home to pick up something. This woman caught me and gave me the beating of the century. Even though she promised not to tell my dad, as soon as he came back, she reported like NTA news. That was the day I learnt I couldn’t trust my mum with anything. I was very disappointed. 


— Effiong, 30 

I watched Terminator with my aunt and uncle sometime in the 1990s and it was just weird AF. First off, this film was marketed as an action film about a robot thingy trying to murd this babe so please tell me why people were fornicating in it? I doubt that if my aunt and uncle knew, they’d have allowed me to join them. It wasn’t a big deal, but it was just awkward and I could tell everyone just couldn’t wait for the film to be over. Oh, the torturous silence. 

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