Even if you live under a rock, you probably know that the contestants from this year’s Big Brother are pretty popular. Because I want to look for trouble, I’m going to rank this season’s housemates in order of personal preference.


10. Vee and Neo

The Bonnie and Clyde of the season deserve a joint spot on the list. They played the housemates like chess, and despite the fact that they have no fanbase of their own, they have used borrowed fans to secure spots in the top 5. You have to respect that.

9. Lucy

Lucy’s on this list because, for the most part, she was this season’s sympathetic villain. She was an instigator or participant in most of this season’s juiciest fights, and even after leaving the house, she is still causing wahala and throwing shade on her media rounds.

8. Tolani Baj

Tolani Baj started with the right energy, but somewhere along the line, she kind of lost it. Her vibrant personality has been very evident since she left the house, and if we had seen that side of her while she was still a housemate, she’d be much higher on this list.

7. Prince

On paper, Prince is the one housemate that looks a lot like a BBNaija winner. He is multi-talented, scandal-free and was very coordinated in the house. But Nigerians want chaos mixed with PDA, so they let him go. They’ll live to regret it sha.

6. Dorathy

Dorathy is one of the housemates left in the game who actually deserves a spot in the top 5 this year. She’s had her head and priorities right from day one. One or two times she tripped and caught feelings, but she brushed them right off and kept her eyes on the prize.

5. Ozo

When we first saw Ozo, we thought we had met the Miracle of this season. But after watching him for 8 weeks and counting, he has shown us that he stepped right out of a Zee World rom-com. He has his moments, but his tedious obsession with Nengi is the reason he isn’t higher on this list.

4. Nengi

When the show first started, everyone thought it would be us watching Nengi play ten-ten with all the guy’s heads for the 10 weeks, but 8 weeks later and she is not even the first or second most talked about housemate. Still, she is inherently watchable and would make a solid winner.

3. Kiddwaya

It took viewers some time to warm up to Kiddwaya, but when they finally fell for him, they fell really hard. Kidd was the vibes in the house, the one who was there for the fun of it and gave the viewers their money’s worth in entertainment value.

2. Erica

Erica is the second most popular housemate from this season and for good reason. Her star quality is undentiable. Even now that she’s left the show — taking away Laycon’s only real competition — she is almost always still trending on social media.

1. Laycon

This year, Laycon is the people’s choice. He’s the one with the biggest, loudest and fiercest fanbase. He is like Efe, but with the talent. Some say it’s because he is talented, others say it’s a pity votes. Whatever it is, he is riding on it to N85 million. 


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