Ultimate Love Day 7: More On Love Triangles And Prediction For Tonight’s Pairing

February 16, 2020

Welcome to the daily Ultimate Love recap. Ultimate Love is the hottest reality show in town, and we’ll be giving you a recap of all the drama, the awwns and the ehyas. Stick around!

Queen Nkechi is at least 3 people’s ( Arnold, Jay, and David) first choice in that house. See, that babe is easily the most wanted woman in the house right now. She’s also the prettiest, but she doesn’t even know how to milk her fine girl privilege. A damn shame!

Nkechi and Jerry seem to be the ship people are really interested in though, they even trended for hours on Twitter yesterday.

They ate together in a plate, and people are already talking about marriage. Smh.

Unfortunately, Nkechi’s village people are working overtime, because bros Jay has refused to let the girl breathe and make her choice in peace.

Love triangle in Ultimate Love

Another Love Triangle?

Remember David that told Aunty he has just one love interest (Rosie)? A nigga lied. He has three and Rosie ain’t even top two. Presh, Nkechi, and Rosie — in that order.

David met Phresh (one of the new Love guests) at their audition and they started their own relationship (or is it friendship?) from there, but Phresh didn’t make it to the Love Pad until Day 5. Anyway, it’s like Phresh is back for her man, and she ain’t taking no for answer. She even met Rosie to explain the situation to her, that’s how you know sis ain’t joking.

Phresh and Love triangle in Ultimate Love

Ebi has advised Rosie to pray about it, Phresh also said she’s been praying about it. Maybe David should kuku be the one to pray and choose his partner, abi?

Again, men will disgrace you.


The love guests are a talented bunch sha. They put together a fantastic cultural presentation. Those that went to the love pad to sell their market finally got a chance.

Love Triangle in Ultimate Love Daily

Koko’s prediction for tonight’s pairing …

Here’s how I think the pairing will go this night:

Theresa and Iyke

David and Rosie

Jerry and Phresh

Uche and Chris

Micheal and Cherry

Louis and JennyKoko

Arnold and Bolanle

Nkechi and Jay

Ebi and Obichukwu

Sylvia and Kachi

Whatever pairing Aunty give these people, they’ll have to take like that. They are all lazy and they lack game and effort in pursuing their love interests. Except for Iyke and Bolanle, those two know what they want and they are working for it non-stop. I have to stan. Aunty can pair the rest with her butlers and camera team if she likes. They deserve it.

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