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It’s Day 3 of 56 of the Ultimate Love reality show. Another round of speed dating took place today, but the love guests treated it like a job interview. Unlike the first time where the women picked first, this time, the men were asked to pick their preferred female partner. Here’s how it went:

1. Micheal picked Bolanle.

We’ll get back to how this is going in a bit.

2. David picked Rosie

For context, Rosie has been enjoying David’s company a lot. He is doing a good job in trying to bring her out of her comfort zone. Remember she said she’s looking for a man that can pamper her more than her dad does? Well, we just have to wait to see if he’s going to be able to pamper Rosie to her satisfaction.

3. Iyke picked Theresa

As the good Lord ordained. They’ve been spending a LOT OF TIME together. It’s pretty obvious he is smitten by her.

4. Jay picked Nkechi

Nothing much is happening, but at the very least, they are very cordial with each other. Some people though think that Jay is following Nkechi, or Nkechi is following Jay. Whatever the dynamics are, we’re here for it.

Eating popcorn in reaction to Ultimate Love Reality show

 5. Arnold picked Jenny Koko

The people who already picked aso-ebi for Bolanle and Arnold might have to return it, because Arnold isn’t feeling Bolanle like that. I apologise for misleading you, but it’s really Arnold’s fault. He made us believe he was feeling Bolanle, only for him to stylishly tell her he’s not that into her.  Sigh. Men will disgrace you.

Rolling our eyes in response to Ultimate love Day 3

6. Louis picked Cherry

The fact that Louis has spent more time with Theresa, than he has with Cherry since he picked her says a lot about that partnership.

7. Obichukwu picked Chris

LOL. These two can’t even be bothered to put in effort into getting to know each other since they got paired. They are really taking their time, Chris especially.

8. Kachi picked Ebi

Kachi is more interested in a business partner, and who to sell his fading cream to, and Ebi would rather spend time chatting with the ladies. They fit, seeing as they both act like they are not interested in what brought them to the house.


Expecting or hoping that the Ultimate Couple would get married after this game is totally unnecessary. It’s probably why the love guests (LG for short) are stuck up and handling the speed dating sessions like they’re job interviews. 

Movie Night.

The evening would have been a nice time for all the new couples to start bonding, but Aunty declared it movie night. The love guests weren’t exactly interested in seeing a movie, and a lot of them walked away halfway through the movie. 

The First Fight

Jenny Koko picked a fight with David shortly after the re-pairing. It was a silly fight over juice that’s free for all and in abundance. Makes no sense, so I won’t even waste your precious time on it. On to more interesting things like…

… Lights Out:

Iyke and Theresa were in bed together… gisting. Did I not tell you guys it was only a matter of time before they started cohabiting? I hate to be this person, but Theresa dear, mummy said no sex on international TV.

I wasn’t lying when I said Bolanle is a sharp babe — at least, she’s showing that to an extent. While some viewers were mad at Arnold for disappointing them, Bolanle carried her face for a few minutes before moving on with Micheal, her new partner. They shared a bed after light out and Micheal even sang Micheal Jackson’s Liberian Girl to her. Whew! Arnold could never.

It would have ended there if Bolanle didn’t send us some mixed signals: it might seem she isn’t ready to let go of Arnold, yet as she’s still giving him close marks, hoping he might get the memo that she’s really into him. If you think I’m lying, then you should see this:

Love Triangle 

I know we just praised Iyke for going for Theresa who he initially bonded with. In fact, we know that he is really into Theresa, but Theresa seems to be more into Louis. We can’t be sure though because any feelings for Louis did not stop Theresa from sharing a bed with Iyke. The conclusion is, we can’t really say who Theresa would fall in love with just yet; she’s showing interest in Louis, why refusing to let Iyke breathe. Is this the beginning of a love triangle?

We can’t help but stan; a young queen that won’t put all her eggs in one basket though:

Most of the Love Guests are still unsure of who they really like and who they’d love to be paired with permanently in the next two weeks, but that’s to be expected, it’s just been two days.

The love guests are working on their presentation for Saturday night, I can’t wait to see how that goes.

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