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Here’s everything that happened on Ultimate Love Day 26

Aunty rounded up her weekly session with love guests yesterday. I decided not to bore you people with it because it was the same old thing: Aunty enabling these men. Let’s move on to more important things that occurred in Ultimate Love, during Aunty’s Chat Room on Day 26.

PreshDavid had their first official fight

Ultimate Love Day 26 wow

David wanted to eat with Presh but she was nonchalant about it. Small play like that escalated into a heated argument. They sha settled it after taking time to cool off.

Ultimate Love Day 26

Like Nkechi having sleepless nights because of the size of Jay’s penis

Jay jokingly told Chris that his penis is small.

Ultimate love day 26 wow

He described it with “Edge”, that useless 2G network that used to make us hang on the tree with our Blackberry curve 2 before replying a BBM message. Can’t even blame the poor girl, because what’s she going to do with an “edge” network in 2020?

Ultimate Love Day 26
Fine girl like Nkechi deserves 5G sha.

Is Jerry the problem or is the problem Jerry?

Remember how Jerry rushed Meriton and finished her with affection the day she stepped into the house? That didn’t last a week, because he rarely spends time with her now. Long story short, Meriton is very far from being Jerry’s spec and local mans can’t like what he doesn’t like.

Jerry, maybe you should kuku mould your woman, abi?

Jerry complained to Aunty about Meriton always snoring, not being articulate enough, not recognizable without make-up, always wanting to touch him when he’s not in the mood to be touched, not being able to find a cure for Coronavirus, etc. Meanwhile, all he has going for him in that Love Pad is his fine face. Bruh, please.

Ultimate Love Day 26

Jerry and Meriton are on the same page: 

Jerry rated his relationship with Meriton a five out of ten, and Meriton rated her relationship with him a four out of ten too. I’m giving them an A for honesty. But since this isn’t working for them and there is no hope of things getting better, maybe they can check out and go continue the search for bae outside?

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