Ultimate Love Day 18 Recap: We Finally Got Couples Session!

February 27, 2020

Welcome to the daily Ultimate Love recap. Ultimate Love is the hottest reality show in town, and we’ll be giving you a recap of all the drama, the awwns and the ehyas. Stick around!

Today’s session had me screaming “Aunty, it’s not everything you will overlook. please be honest with these people!”

A quick rundown of the first couple’s session

ObiEbi: I already told you this relationship is nothing but a walking red flag, and I can’t believe Aunty couldn’t call Obi out on his manipulative ways. This low key mirrors our society, in all honesty. 

JayKech: A lot was left unsaid during their session, maybe because they would rather talk about important things off camera? I’m a bit worried about Nkechi changing herself to fit Jay’s spec, without her even knowing it. Jay has controlling tendencies he’s most likely suppressing because he’s on TV.

Bolar :These two are here for different things. Bolanle really want things to work, but Arnold is here for fame and money. They always look perfect and ready to work on their relationship in the presence of Aunty, but a completely different vibe when they leave. Hmmmm.

RoKsie:  Aunty is really invested in these two oh. Rosie’s man is still asking her if she’d like to live with his family. This man is 33, what in the ghetto is this question please? Rosie is making effort to love Kachi sha. Rosie tried to kiss him last night, and that was a very awkward sight. Less of that dears.

MiCherry: Cherry has stopped wearing “indecent” outfits because Micheal doesn’t like it. Well, Cherry has also gone to tell some women to stay away from her Micheal. These ones are just clowns, abeg.

DoubleChris: ‪Chris wasn’t his top 3 choice in the love pad, but limited resources had him coupling with Chris. Now, what pissed me off was how this guy kept making reference to her looks, as if he’s Ryan Gosling. He kept saying “regardless of how she looks”. That was condescending.

I’m really over Aunty and her couples session, please! But if you come back tomorrow, there’ll be more tea.

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