Ultimate Love Day 11 Recap: Love Guests Are Back With More Sorry Tales For Aunty

February 20, 2020

Welcome to the daily Ultimate Love recap. Ultimate Love is the hottest reality show in town, and we’ll be giving you a recap of all the drama, the awwns and the ehyas. Stick around!

Aunty was in the house yesterday and the Love Guests finally had the opportunity to open up since they were paired on Sunday.

Ultimate Love Day 11 Recap

The Lucky Ones 

Theresa, Nkechi, Cherry, Jenny Koko, Ebi And Presh were all sure they got their missing ribs. They won’t be interested in swapping. They were using the word love so often that Aunty had to ask a few if they were sure it is Love. 

Cupid stay doing the most, because I had no idea this could happen in ten days.

No one learned from Rosie’s heartbreak that happened after loving David for five days, I see. 

Not so lucky ones 

Bolanle finally caught the memo that Arnold isn’t feeling her like she thought. Better late than never. Now that she’s guessing that he’s interested in Rosie, her friend, she’s open to swapping, and she likes Jerry. I don’t think Jerry is feeling her though, but I’ll let him do the talking.

What about Chris?

Chris is still single, and hoping Aunty would bring her a man she likes. Because she likes to spend time alone, some people think she’s depressed and unhappy. This is funny because everyone in that house is single to the pringle, some are just lucky enough to have partners to couple with.


Chris is fine though. She’s holding on strong, Some people just don’t understand there are people who like to be left to their thoughts, sometimes. 

“I just want someone to love me.” – Sylvia, 2020.

Sylvia complained to Aunty about Jerry’s unwillingness to make their relationship work, and she was adviced to keep at it, but put more effort into trying to be his friend, at least, for now.

David and his women. 

Rosie is still healing but she’s willing to give Kachi a chance, as opposed to swapping. We hope it takes more than 5 business days for Rosie to find love this time. 

Ultimate Love Day 11 Recap

The three magic words: sorry, sorry, and sorry.

Remember David and Rosie were already a couple before Presh came in and reclaimed her man, leaving Rosie hanging? David and Presh finally decided that they owe Rosie an apology. Actually, Presh coordinated it. She made David apologize several times and she equally apologized. Everything is settled now. Blended family, finally.

Sylvia, Love is not by force 

I knew the advice Aunty gave Sylvia was going to be problematic, because tell me why Sylvia called Jerry for a serious talk last night, only for her to tell Jerry she wouldn’t let him leave, unless he commits to loving her.

LMAO. This girl won’t kill me.

AHHH. God safe us abeg oh.

The men are having their one-on-one session with Aunty today, and that’s when we’ll know the Koko. You know men won’t hesitate to tell us who their real love interest is. This is not even about honesty, they are just wicked like that.

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