11 Times Kaylah Oniwo Won Instagram

August 26, 2015

Our woman crush for today is another phenomenal OAP, and no, we do not only crush on OAPs, they are all just coincidentally really awesome.

Well, Kaylah Oniwo of Cool Fm’s Road Show is most certainly gush-worthy, and it’s not even her birthday. We love her on-air personality and her amazing fashion sense, so since we do not get to see her as much as we get to hear her, her Instagram page will just have to do.

So, here are 11 times she totally won the instagram game:

1. When she looked perfect in this dress.

2. When she looked THIS BEAUTIFUL.

3. and HERE…

4. … YUP, STILL BEAUTIFUL. Those cheekbones, though. Sigh!

Too many selfies today ???#SexySuperHeroinABJ

A photo posted by K A Y L A H (@kaylahoniwo) on

5. When she totally inspired us.

A photo posted by K A Y L A H (@kaylahoniwo) on

6. When she clearly understood the staggering importance of Amala.

AMALA X OGBONO is bae ??

A photo posted by K A Y L A H (@kaylahoniwo) on

7. When she was quite literally the Queen of Slay.

Kinging in MOOFA @moofadesigns at the @ndanitv #ndaniseriesbouquet ❤️❤️❤️ #sexysuperhero ?????

A photo posted by K A Y L A H (@kaylahoniwo) on

8. When she rocked this jumpsuit like only she could.


A photo posted by K A Y L A H (@kaylahoniwo) on

9. When she posted, uhm, well, this…

10. and this. *wipes sweat*

11. When she taught us the right way to shoki.


So if you’ve been wondering whose face it was behind that sexy voice, you’re very welcomeNow share to make someone’s day.

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