If you took our advice and watched Spy x Family, don’t you love Anya, Loid and Yor now? If you don’t, we don’t know how to help you oh. Spy x Family is funny, and as a Nigerian, I could connect with so many parts, so I had to write this.

Here are six of the most relatable moments in Spy x Family. 

Parents forcing kids to get into a “prestigious” school

Did Anya have to get into the school for the sake of world peace? Yes, but what does that remind you of? Getting into that ridiculously overrated federal university just so your parents can boast only to spend eight instead of four years. Watching Spy x Family as a Nigerian will have you saying “been there” every two seconds. 

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Lying politicians

These people are everywhere in anime. They’re doing campaigns instead of picking out caskets. And of course, they’re always the beginning of all the problems: stealing from citizens and living lavishly. At least Spy x Family has Loid to stop them. 

 Everyone forcing you to get married

Or the world would crash and burn. Sounds familiar?

Cows are everywhere

Art imitates life because why were cows pursuing the characters in Spy x Family? 

Teachers being unnecessarily mean to children

After that entry interview, Anya definitely needs at least three therapists. And so do all of you reading this. Meanwhile, people that are mean to kids deserve the worst. 

Policing arresting people for no reason

I was so triggered by the police arresting innocent citizens and torturing them. Spy x Family, I’m trying to laugh, please. . 

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