Now that Alchemy of Souls is over, I’m terrified of what I’ll do with myself during the weekend. I also want to fight the Hong sisters for whatever that ending was. How could they have done this to us? In the spirit of choosing peace and hoping for a better finish to season two, here’s everything I’m going to miss from the show. 

Mu-deok and Jang Uk’s banter

I’ll miss all their stupid fights and arguments where Jang Uk almost always wins. I’ll miss them pretending that Jang Uk is the boss when we all know Mu-deok has more power in the relationship. I’ll miss Mu-deok talking about how she wants to kill everybody but ends up saving their lives. I’ll also miss watching Jang Uk and Mu-deok win every single time! My ultimate faves, I believe so much in their love that I choose not to remember the ending because what was that?

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Maidservant Kim and Park Jin’s relationship

Something I didn’t expect was to enjoy seeing older people fall in love. You’d think since I watch a lot of K-drama, I’d be used to things like this by now. But I loved seeing them flirt, even though it was painful to witness. Maidservant Kim confessed her feelings, and Park Jin was still oblivious somehow. It was adorable. 

Watching the crown prince be a weirdo

This man was just unintentionally funny. He’s usually a character people would hate, but in Alchemy of Souls, there’s absolutely no reason to hate him. He cheated on a test for Mu-deok, was willing to find out the truth about the queen being a soul shifter at all costs and saved Mu-deok’s life on multiple occasions. Sad for him, he fell in love with the one person not even all his money could buy. I was still rooting for him, though. 

Lady Jin’s eye makeup

Half the time I watched this show, whenever she came up, I’d just whisper “bad bitch” under my breath because, wow. Using a graphic liner in the age of magic and keeping that makeup flawless is a trick only she could body. I mean, I saw this woman crying about her daughter, and all I could think about was how her makeup didn’t get smudged. A queen.  

look at her!

Master Lee musing

Let’s not even talk about how he’s the most unserious character in this show low-key. This man always figures out everything before other people do. Maybe because he’s always thinking? Or maybe it’s because he is over 200 years old? He’s sha my fave because every supporter of Mu-deok’s antics is my fave. 

Jin Mu breathing like he swallowed hot eba

When you’re too busy doing evil things, of course your breathing would be laboured. Okay, that’s not a thing, but I’m glad it was Jin Mu’s thing. Wherever a new scene comes up and Jin Mu huffs and puffs, I always expected the worst. The way this man manipulated every single person around him is just legendary. 

Dang-gu’s earrings 

The way I hated his guts in All of Us Are Dead. They dressed everybody like they were in the Joseon era, but not quite, and Dang-gu came from nowhere with his K-pop idol earrings. I’m going to miss Yoo In-soo playing the role of Dang-gu. Do you know how good an actor you must be to get so many people to like you after killing their faves in an earlier movie?

Hearing Jipsu, Ryusu, and Chisu

Now that Alchemy of Souls has ended, where else will I hear people mention this? What if I also want to open up my gate of energy and master all three? While that might never happen, let’s just sit with that beautiful memory of Jang Uk using Chisu and Mu-deok’s blood to fight as we wait for season two. 

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