Your favourite musicians also have favourite musicians, and that’s why we created #MyLoop — a weekly series that asks Nigerian stars who they like to listen to when they’re feeling any type of way.

While people keep struggling to find a box to force him into — is he a rapper? a singer? an afropop star? another hip-hop messiah? — YCee continues to swerve, demolishing the hefty expectations fans tend to thrust upon the artists they love the most.

Back in 2018, following a string of releases that focused on his gifts as a singer, observers began to wonder if he was done spitting. As a pointed reminder of his versatility, he dropped “Balance”, nabbing a well-deserved ‘Lyricist on the Roll’ nod for good measure.

It’s this interesting duality that YCee will be exploring on his upcoming debut album, YCee vs Zaheer. So, while we await the project, we decided to ask YCee what he listens to when he is feeling any major emotion or doing something as simple as getting dressed.

From Reekado Banks to Drake, here are the artists that made YCee’s loop:

1. Happy:

2. Sad:

3. Angry:

4. In Love:

5. Heartbroken:

6. Turned On:

7. Uninspired:

8. Homesick:

9. Driving:

10. Getting Dressed:


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