For anyone who’s been paying attention to her work for the past couple of years, it’s always been glaringly obvious that Bella Alubo is meant to be a star. Thankfully, with her impressive new EP, Summer’s Over, she’s taken her first major step towards making that happen.

The project, which includes features from gifted artists like Mr Eazi, Ajebutter22, Dice Ailes and Ladipoe, makes a strong case for Bella Alubo’s ascension in the music scene, as it shows her confidently holding her own against a bunch of heavyweights.

So, with the project already garnering a passionate fanbase, we at Zikoko decided to talk with the versatile star to discover the kind of songs she likes to listens to when she is feeling any major emotion or doing something as simple as getting dressed.

From Mr Eazi to Sade, here are the artists that made Bella’s loop:

1. Happy:

2. Sad:

3. Angry:

4. In Love:

5. Heartbroken:

6. Turned On:

7. Uninspired:

8. Homesick:

9. Driving:

10. Getting Dressed:


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